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We are highly focused on artisan made products both 'Designed and made in Sri Lanka'. Your organization can collaborate to create some special products or share some exciting products of our Artisan made collections as UNIQUE corporate gifts that will support rural livelihoods.

DFSD’s latest initiatives, in addition to its on-going work with artisans, are focused on using a design-led approach to promote innovation in the craft sector. 


DFSD can team up with your organization in curating customized corporate gifts for your company, that is both unique and handmade. However, as we design these products via DFSD’s social enterprise partner organisation IC Collection (which includes the brands Urban Island and Fashionmarket) we assure they are above and beyond the traditional craft items with a touch of modern and contemporary.


You can be a part of making a difference through design by collaboration with DFSD to do your corporate gifts. Every purchase from the Design For Sustainable Development (DFSD) Foundation corporate gift collection will directly contribute to artisan welfare fund.

If you/your company is interested please reach us through;

Website - dfsdsrilanka.org


Email - lakmi@designcorp.lk

Phone - 077 188 2280