In July 2019, DFSD hosted a “DesignMeetsArtisan” to celebrate its eighth anniversary and to look ahead at future initiatives. 


Victoria Walker, the honorary president of DFSD, affirmed that DFSD would continue its primary focus on supporting Sri Lankan artisans and promoting Sri Lankan craft.  At the same time, DFSD was examining new ways to foster women in leadership in the artisan community;  encourage further innovation in craft materials including natural fibres; and promoting safer and more sustainable dyeing practices in the craft community. 



Two extra ordinary figures in the Sri Lankan textile design were acknowledged at the event.  Chandramani Thenuwara, renowned textile designer, educator and author, was recognised for recently been honored with a lifetime achievement award by the Textile Institute of the UK.  Shilanthi Abayagunawardane, a senior lecturer at AOD, gifted designer and mentor to many, was advised that DFSD had established a textile and design scholarship in her honour.