This is a story of a woman with 2 kids in Mallavi, Suologini who’s struggling to live her regular life, as her husband was lost for a long time due to war and from that time onward she’s been fighting to bring up her 2 Kids(girls) named, A. Asojini – 7years old and Nilankshija – 4years old.

We were helping her out in whichever possible way from the time we started this Island Craft project (i.e. started in the 1st quarter of 2011) with AOD’s collaboration Design for Sustainable Development Foundation and with this we managed to bring a few people to see the brighter side of theirs lives and see new things and to make them believe that they are also humans with a lot of talents and creativity.

As we believed, this thing we started made us to see their happy faces and adorable moments of their life and etc.

The best way we came up to solve a certain amount of the struggle she was going through was by helping her out to initiate a chicken farm with 50 chicks and a small coop.

We will always be there to help our artisans and support in all possible ways.